About Us

BlueMarble began as a dream and a hope in 2005 to provide a safe, environmentally friendly, planet conscious cleaning solution that actually worked.  Having a two year old and another on the way, and experiencing the frustration of cleaning the inevitable potty accidents on the sofa, spit-up on the car seat, diaper explosions on the carpet, pet accidents in the house, and caring for a relative with incontinence issues, we were desperate for a product that would clean, I mean really clean, the monumental, smelly yucky messes without leaving behind its own chemical cocktail of smells and harmful residue.  

Unsuccessful in our quest to find a solution that actually worked, we became mission focused to develop a product that would foot the bill.  Hence began a five year journey of research and education that would lead to the development of the BlueMarble family of products.  We discovered that developing a product that was non-toxic, planet conscious and very effective on incontinence issues, pet accidents, potty accidents, and spit-ups, was not just a hope but actually possible.  So we formulated a batch and began using it.  

This product was not only incredibility effective on all that yucky stuff, but also proved to be magical on any stains or odors caused by organic matter.  You know, food, blood, grass, dirt, wine, etc.  “WOW!” We thought, “This stuff works great, maybe others could benefit from using this as well” and the journey of making it available to you had begun.