Safely Remove Stains and Odors

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  • Mattress Urine Stain - GONE!

    This happy customer sent us these before and after pictures of their results removing a urine stain from their mattress.

  • Late Night Puppy Poop Explosion

    This customer's puppy had a late night accident and when they cleaned it up with BlueMarble, it was like new!

  • Before and After Car Seats From Twins

    This image was sent to us from a professional baby gear cleaner who cleaned a pair of twin car seats.

  • Gail - Literally Good To The Last Drop!

    This Blue Marble stain and odor removal is the BEST over many other brands that I've tried... Extremely effective at eliminating stains and odors from human incontinence issues on many types of surfaces. The design of the spray bottle lets me use every drop of it!

  • Vanessa Morales - Works Miracles!

    We had a stain on our mattress that had been there for over a week. We simply sprayed the area about 3 times and let it sit for about an hour. After the hour was up, we grabbed a dry rag and began blotting and the stain disappeared. We are super impressed.

  • La Bella - CLEAN!

    This product works wonders!! After reviewing many of the comments about this product. I just had to see for myself.
    And it does work! I’ve only used it once so far cause that’s all was needed. But just this one try alone did the trick!!? I am impressed and you now have a loyal customer.